Growing Pains

Growing A Small Business

Hearthstone Property Management is passing through adolescence and experiencing growing pains. Infancy has been successful and
plenty of essential skills were learnt, but now it is time to grow up. It’s an exciting time.

Like all teenagers, becoming an adult can’t come soon enough. I am keen to make my company the finished article, but I need to be
careful. It is hard to resist the “I want it all, and I want it now” mentality. Hearthstone needs to continue growing, but in a structured and
planned manner. Developing a professional company which continues to deliver its promises to the landlords and tenants who use its
service must remain my top priority.

Why Grow?

I initially started Hearthstone to manage my own rental properties, but soon enough, other landlords found the service I offer. My initial
success has given me pride, the feedback from tenants and landlords alike has been overwhelmingly positive and I want to provide that
support to more clients. I believe Hearthstone stands apart from larger mainstream management companies. My priority is to offer a
personal, experienced and honest service for those who choose my company.


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Streamlining Hearthstone

With success comes more demands upon my time. I run Hearthstone alone, so it is essential that I find ways to refine my processes and
organise the administrative side of my business.

I found a bank which allows me to easily manage the rents which pass through my accounts every month. This may sound easy, but there is no room for error when making transactions between multiple clients; using the right account providers is essential. Financial software
is now utilised to help manage and automate invoicing. I also use service providers to help keep every home in my care legally compliant
and advertised efficiently.

Hearthstone is now prepared to meet future growth challenges. Spending time learning new techniques and skills has allowed me to free myself from the paperwork. My new-found efficiency means I can finally grow Hearthstone into the company it deserves to be.

Future Plans

My goal is to make Hearthstone more widely available to new clients. I want customers to realise Hearthstone Property Management gives a continuing positive experience for its landlords and tenants. Clients who are looking for someone who operates just a little differently but gets much better results.

I have a plan in mind to alleviate the growing pains

  • The Hearthstone website is developing into a commercial platform to attract new clients.
  • I am looking to use marketing expertise to help me deliver effective ways to shine a light on Hearthstone.
  • I will continue to find new ways to streamline the business function.
  • Crucially I will settle on a strategy to grow Hearthstone without impacting the end service I currently provide.


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With a little luck and a lot of determination, my immature, adolescent company can grow into the adult everybody wants to be associated with.

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